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    TREATMENT - PAS recovery using Finasteride - Possible/High Risk Option

    Hi there Davide, I havent been in contact with anyone who has tried it and it worked. I would avoid this as its very high risk and could make you worse.
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    Cyclope - Blood Results

    would also be useful to get progesterone and DHT tested
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    Cyclope - Blood Results

    Did you ever manage to get these tested?
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    Lab Results

    If you can, I would advise getting progesterone, FSH and LH and DHT tested. As these may be more useful to gainnig a bigger picture.
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    lab results

    I know this was a while ago but did you have the reference levels with these blood tests to see if they are high or not?
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    Colinboko - Blood Results

    Hi there, Have you had any more recent blood tests? Your FSH and LH are very high for PAS people as I normally notice these results are very low. Thus this is interesting. Do you have full sexual dysfunction symptoms?
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    Post-Drug Patient Survey Launched at Propeciahelp

    Please everybody complete this survey!!
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    My physical side effects from Accutane

    Thats great news. Did you also have any mental sexual side effects as well? Such as a loss of libido, loss of interest in sex etc. If so, have any of these improved since taking the supplements you mentioned? Or is it purely an improvement in your physical ability to get hard. Thanks,
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    THEORY - 5ARI Withdrawal Syndrome

    Hi there, I came across an article outlining this theory of how PAS may have arisen. Rather than repeat what was in the article, I figure it is better if I just post a link to the original article. When I have time I may write out a summary but this is worth a read and is not too dense or long...
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    Fasting could certainly help and I recommend trying it, if you do, please report your results. I remember reading of several people who had tried 2-3 day fasts. I guess the question is, if PAS really is caused by reduced expression of 5AR1, which is still unknown at this stage. How much has...
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    lab results

    Thanks for sharing Alex. Did you ever managed to get FSH and LH measured?
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    Is this PAS

    It sounds unusual but is definitely possible. I’ve not heard of anyone who developed PAS like symptoms changing back to normal and then getting worse whilst off the drug.
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    Ideas from a PSSD study

    Thanks for keeping us updated!