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    THEORY - PAS and PFS - 5-Alpha Reductase Enzyme - Very Plausible/Currently seems to be the most likely cause of PAS

    took me a while to read this but worth it. we need to find researchers who will look into this stuff seriously. how do we find them?
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    Current stack/supplements/regime

    I'm going to start on something small and build up. thanks for info guys, will give vitamin D and active b-12 a try. considering trying something drastic like finasteride but holding off for a while
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    Accutane must have stunted my growth!!??

    pretty sure this stuff stunted my growth!!!!!!!!!! I'm way shorter than my two brothers. feel like i haven't grown much at all since i was on accutane in high school. my hands/finger/feet also seem small/underdeveloped for an adult. Could be placebo but i was big for my age back in school. then...
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    muscle weakness

    yeah i recommend doing circuits on a daily basis at home. never had joint pain but I would guess getting a lot of fish oils, flaxseed oil would help joints. my joints were fcked on take but got better. strongly recommend getting a pull up bar. you can do simple circuits, these keep me in good...
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    this has helped me with brain fog, concentration and fatigue. I use 200mg Dont use too much. makes it harder to sleep
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    Modafinil 200mg has helped me with some mental sides. helps with concentration, brain fog and fatigue. you can buy them online or from dark web
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    Windows of normality

    yeah i think i know how to get some. So the weed made you feel pretty good? did you get any panic/anxiety?
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    Windows of normality

    I want to try RSO. I swear weed affects me different now then before tane. Maybe its just placebo or I'm just more anxious/depressed after taking that poison.
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    Everybody needs to do this!

    just did a rxisk report
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    THEORY - PAS and Androgen Deficiency/Resistance - Unlikely

    i always thought this might be problem. but I am pretty strong and have good physique
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    accutane and birth defects - wtf!!!!!

    this is messed up