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    THEORY - 5ARI Withdrawal Syndrome

    Hi there, I came across an article outlining this theory of how PAS may have arisen. Rather than repeat what was in the article, I figure it is better if I just post a link to the original article. When I have time I may write out a summary but this is worth a read and is not too dense or long...
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    Prof Melcangi - PFS and PSSD

    Prof Melcangi who is the a major researcher for the PFS foundation recently released a paper linking PFS to PSSD. I think he is probably correct, but it seems crazy that nobody is even mentioning PAS or post retinoid sexual dysfunction (PRSD) as there are far clearer links been PFS and PAS then...
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    New Article by RxISK on Cases of Sexual Dysfunction

    If you've ever thought about donating money towards this cause. RxISK is a great organisation to donate to!
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    Do people with PAS suffering from increased anxiety? I feel as if tane has made me more prone to anxiety. I see numerous people complain of feeling more anxious and susceptible to anxiety. Again this is a common symptoms in people with PFS. This is a stretch but if PAS is linked to 5 alpha...
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    GABA-A Agonists

    So this set of supplements depends largely upon the root causes of PAS which we know is still a matter of debate. If PAS truly is related to PFS, its possible that GABA-A agonist may benefit some PAS side effects. Altering the activity of 5AR can lead to changes in the production of important...
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    Another theory of how PAS arises relates to brain damage. It's thought that Accutane has caused some kind of brain damage which has altered the functioning of the brain, this has resulted in changes to brain blood flow/metabolism or simply resulted in the death/destruction of brain...
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    GHB - Gammahydroxybutrate

    I've posted about this on the other thread. But just thought I'd write about this here. It reported to work very well for anxiety and supposedly helps a lot with increasing general interest in the opposite sex. People have said that this has helped them more than anything else in that...
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    Colinboko - Blood Results

    Here is a copy of the blood results that colinboko posted on So here we have another high DHEA-S result. Also high FSH which is unexpected but could be an anomaly. In terms of his symptoms, he said "I do have sexual dysfunction. Basically no libido, can’t keep it up etc." - Also he...
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    Flynn - Blood Results

    All results are highlighted in bold. Essentially, my DHEA-S were abnormally high. Follicle stimulating hormone looks unusually low for a male in his early 20s. Growth hormone seems a little low. But its very hard to know what a normal level is and test was taken midday which can affect the...
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    CRISPR It may seem a bit crazy, but I really believe if we are ever to find a working, effective treatment/cure, it will likely come from Gene therapy. Luckily for us, the CRISPR gene editing system has arrived and offers the potential to fix this damage. If a theory such as the 5AR theory of...
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    Suicide Article on Accutane
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    Started a course of (Ro)accutane when I was around 14 years old for moderate acne (Really didn't need to be prescribed it), can't recall the exact dosage but it was around 40-60mg for approximately 6 months I believe. I have been suffering from persistent sexual dysfunction (loss of libido...
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    THEORY - PAS and Progesterone/Progestin - Unlikely

    One theory put forth for post finasteride syndrome (PFS) by a well known online user called Gbolduev, proposes that Finasteride (FIN) acts as progestin (interacts with the progesterone receptor). Put very simply, the basics of the theory are that progesterone receptors are either up or...
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    THEORY - PAS and PFS - 5-Alpha Reductase Enzyme - Very Plausible/Currently seems to be the most likely cause of PAS

    The following posts are fairly long, but if you are interested in how PAS arises, then I think they are worth reading. Of all the theories, this one seems to be the most plausible/likely in my opinion. Another theory of PAS relates to Post Finasteride Syndrome (PFS), this is a recognised...
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    THEORY - PAS and Androgen Deficiency/Resistance - Unlikely

    The symptoms of PAS are very similar to the symptoms of hypogonadism and low testosterone. Now one possibility is that Accutane has permanently altered hormone levels. I haven't yet been able to identify a specific hormone which is found to be consistently abnormal in people with PAS. Though...
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    THEORY - PAS and Dopamine Theory - (Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia) - Plausible/Difficult to Treat/Testable

    Another theory of PAS relates directly to dopamine. As mentioned in the serotonin theory, PAS almost certainly involves some dysfunction of the dopaminergic system. Dopamine activity in regions of the brain such as the mesolimbic pathway play a crucial role in pleasure, drive and reward seeking...
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    Blood Tests

    Grouped blood tests of particular interest would be: 1. Follicle stimulating hormone and Leutinising hormone 2. DHEA-S, Progesterone, Cortisol, testosterone.
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    Could people please post anything that has helped them deal/cope with PAS, no matter how controversial. I will start: For apathy, depression, anhedonia, depersonalisation - I have found psychedelics to help, they have helped to lift my mood, bring hope and make me more excitable/fun. Of the...
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    Everybody needs to do this!

    Raise awareness of this issue and grow the community: The more organised we are as a community, the more power we have to fund research and find some solution to this problem. 1. Share/Post this video everywhere that you can, along with any info related to the RxISK prize - 2. Invite...
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    TREATMENT - PAS recovery using Finasteride - Possible/High Risk Option

    Strangely enough, there have been several reports of individuals who have reported recovering some of their sexual dysfunction from using the hair loss drug Finasteride. Now it must be mentioned that Finasteride is also known for causing persisting side effects which are very similar to PAS such...