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Hi Catto,

I read your post and understand that your suffered ED from accutane. A little bit about myself, i was on accutane at 40mg for 3.5 months. 2weeks after i stopped the the treatment, i was unable to get a hard erection. I no longer get morning erection and can't get hard in general. Do you know if this effect is permanent? Will my penis comes back to me 100%? please help!
225-907-6311 Msg me if you want my snap or Insta so we can chat together n talk about our problems! It'd help so much to have someone who's in the same mental state as me to be friends with, cause we'd both understand eachother completely.
Is Flynn still active here? It's been a while. I'm interested to help but is this forum here longterm or could it disappear because the owner lost interest? Where's our hero?

Sorry I have been away the whole of summer and haven't had time to post on the forum. Don't worry. This forum is here to stay for long term. Even if I lose interest, will continue to pay for hosting etc. as I know how important it is for people to have access to this kind of information. I will become much more active again soon.
You're a hero, bro!
A hero!

You're helping this all make sense, and tiding all of the findings we have! Keep it up, man!